The NEW Little loo

2.0 meters wide 
3.2 meters high
5.8 meters long 
Reg No: L500 SPL

1+1 Drivable Honey Wagon

Solar Charging Battery Generator powered

Matching luxury cubicles 

Fast set up and move 

Large self contained cubicles  running water, It runs off its own Zero Emission

Zero Noise power generator.

 Its a brilliant film production vehicle suitable for up to 100 crew, each cubicle led lighting Mirror with demister   heating and running water,  and push flush systems. hygienic hand towels  hand sanitises are also fitted. 

10 Hours Base To Base  £375 Mon to Sat
Overtime £56.25 Per Hour
Mileage £1 Per Mile 
Eco Zero Emissions Power Generator with solar Backup £6 Per Hour
Sundays  £560 10 Hours Base To Base
Night Hours 01.30/03.45 £150 Surcharge
all prices Plus Vat